Patented AI Technology to
Detect & Size Polyps

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

*Clinical Decision Support Software (CDSS)

Detection & Sizing Decision Support in Real-Time
During a Colonoscopy Procedure

Argus® is vendor-neutral technology by integrating with existing ERWs/EHRs, scopes and processors to create the least amount of workflow changes for clinicians. Argus® is launched during the procedure to assist with the detection and sizing of abnormalities utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Argus® simultaneously captures the highest quality images and video from the processor to aid in the decision making using CADe (computer-aided detection) and CAPs® (computer-aided sizing) for the clinician to determine a treatment plan and generate reports. Utilizing Argus® during a colonoscopy can increase Adenoma Detection Rates (ADRs) and improve patient recall times.

Argus Assists Clinicians in:

Identifying Adenomas


Reducing Miss Rates


Improving Patient Recall


Initial Estimate of Polyp & Non-Polypoid Lesion Sizing


This vendor-neutral technology allows the utilization of current processors and is independent of ERWs/EMRs.

Utilizing a robust database of videos and images, Argus® has vast abnormality identification intelligence to assist clinicians with detection and sizing of all types of polyps, including flat.


Argus assists the clinician in assessing polyp size during a colonoscopy using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help standardize the polyp size estimates within the patient’s EHR in a way that guides the clinician’s visual estimates. This helps inform the clinician in determining appropriate surveillance intervals for the patient.


Argus assists in the detection of polyps by providing a separate image, based on information in the patient’s EHR, that shows highlighted areas of possible adenomatous or serrated tissue for a closer inspection by the clinician. It does not alter the image provided by the colonoscope processor.

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*Argus is clinical decision support software that functions within an EHR, and is not intended for use as a medical device. It does not make a diagnosis, identify suspected adenomas, or direct treatment decisions, but it does organize information for the clinician relating to polyps. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of a clinician. The clinician should always use proper judgment in patient care, and should disregard Argus recommendations where clinically appropriate.


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent, number 10,957,043, for Argus®, powered by EndoSoft®

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