The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence is Argus®

Use Artificial intelligence in gastroenterology for more than just polyp detection. Argus® offers your patient’s state-of-the-art AI technology that detects and sizes polyps in vivo for a real-time assessment. Adding Argus® intelligent report writer into your workflow gives you time back in your day. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to document your procedure report in real-time. Argus® records each quality metric throughout the procedure and documents them automatically into your report.

Argus® is vendor-neutral computer-aided detection software that integrates with existing EHRs/ERWs, endoscopes, and processors without changing your workflow.

With Argus®, Get Time Back in Your Day. Let Argus® See, Hear, and Document Your Procedures in Real-Time

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Argus® will intelligently document what is seen and heard during the Gastroenterology procedure. Argus® saves you time by parsing and organizing that information in real-time during all GI procedures, including ERCP, EUS, EGD, and Colonoscopy. Using the voice-activated capture functionality, Argus® intelligently labels each image with a description and location. Every aspect of the procedure (i.e., indications, findings, medications, diagnosis, recommendations, and more) are all documented during the procedure, using what you see and speak.

Argus® NLP gives you the freedom to document the report exactly as desired with details that cannot always be found in a dropdown menu. By using talk-to-free text, any aspect of the report created in Argus® can be searched and reported upon.

AI-Driven Quality Metrics Saves Time and Eliminates Clicks

Argus® intelligently identifies landmarks, photo documents and timestamps each landmark viewed in real-time during the procedure.

Argus® automatically records, stores, and makes available all data to create self-service analytics reports. Argus® can also be configured to organize and send reports to medical and administrative personnel at scheduled intervals or on demand.

Quality metrics include:

Start of Exam

Insertion Time

Cecal Intubation

Extent of Exam

Withdrawal Time

Retroflexion in Rectum

Total Procedure Time

Bowel Prep



Adenoma Per Colonoscopy (APC)

Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)

Argus® Polyp Detection
Argus® Computer-Aided Detection (CADe)

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Argus® detects polyps using artificial intelligence and machine learning while capturing images and video simultaneously. Utilizing Argus® during colonoscopy increases polyp detection rates.

Argus® Polyp Sizing
Argus® Computer-Aided Sizing

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Argus® standardizes the sizing of polyps in real time. Standardized sizing allows clinicians to set appropriate patient surveillance intervals.

AI Intelligent Report
Argus® Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Intelligent Report Writing

Using voice activated functionality, Argus®, allows you the flexibility to customize the report in your own words.

AI-Driven Quality Metrics
Argus® Analytics on Demand

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AI-Driven Quality Metrics

Argus® recognizes documents, timestamps images, landmarks, and all timed segments of the procedure to generate required quality metrics.

Why Use Argus® CADe

Argus® assists in polyp detection by automatically highlighting abnormalities on the video image prompting the clinician to inspect the area of interest further.

Argus® does not alter the image provided by the video processor. Utilizing a robust database of videos and images, Argus® has vast polyp identification intelligence to assist clinicians with the detection of all types of polyps, including flat.

Why Use Argus® CAPs® for Polyp Sizing

Argus® assists clinicians in the sizing of lesions found during a colonoscopy in real-time during the procedure. Sizing is provided in vivo, aiding the clinician in setting appropriate patient recall intervals based on standard guidelines.

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*Argus is clinical decision support software that functions within an EHR, and is not intended for use as a medical device. It does not make a diagnosis, identify suspected adenomas, or direct treatment decisions, but it does organize information for the clinician relating to polyps. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of a clinician. The clinician should always use proper judgment in patient care, and should disregard Argus recommendations where clinically appropriate.

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